JOBS : A career in IT ?? Boon Or Misery !!

        Lets go back to 2017….no say Once upon a time… there was a women …who lost her..job …!!

           She felt used … she felt unwanted…she felt not capable .. she a person having no talent . 

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That was the morning of 23rd March 2017 ..she had heard about people getting fired…from her colleagues. She was worried she may be the next one. Not , because she was useless.. but because of office politics..most of the junior level employees were getting fired.

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As our company had gone literally gone bankrupt. They can’t pay …so they just fired . No they  didn’t say “You are going to be fired…” but said “Today will be your last day at work…we don’t require your services..any more”.

I am not trying to portray them as the bad guys.. but stating the truth… You use..& then just throw away.. compensating for your services.


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                     What about the nights.. we were asked to come alone… ? What about the mental pressure.. you gave us? What about the crazy schedules of next day work..?? What about the sleepless nights.. we spend trying to fix your code. What about the fear of returning hostel late at night..& getting scared of any men around ? What about the memories spend there ??

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  Is moving on … So EASY !! Think Again??





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