Confession #MeToo

This is a confession , i know may girls will relate to it . Maybe would have faced a similar incidents or even worse. I am sharing mine, because i want to get over it ..even after 5 years gone by i still weigh the pros and cons .. what if i had done this…?? Or Done that ??? So here goes my story…….


When i was doing my graduation, one day while coming back from my college something terrible happened …i don’t know how come i am revisiting  that memory after 5 years now.

I always traveled with my best friends of  three girls …Jasmine, Priya and Sakshi back to home from college. That day was no different , but it  made a huge difference in me.

It was a rainy day, we couldn’t see whether there is another car coming in front of our three wheeler or not . ? The auto driver(A three wheeler vehicle used in India) was panicking because his auto was fully loaded , water was reaching till our knees. We all were panicking because at any moment there could be an accident . The  boys were trying to get down from auto and help the auto driver in moving his vehicle and we girls were inside the auto. That was the moment i felt tensed, then it happened in a moment of second that i didn’t knew how to react .

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One of the guys, he was an old man of about 50-60 years. He came and sat beside me… before i could realize what was happening what was happening i felt him……….feeling me. I always covered my face with scarf to protect myself from dust .. that day to …i had done it .I felt unable to speak.. becoming uncomfortable..not able to move because it was too packed inside the auto. I couldn’t utter a word…i just couldn’t..i never felt so helpless in life. I tried to tell my friends through my eyes..what was happening ..but i just couldn’t make them understand. Image result for molest

A women has always an instinct to know whether its a good touch  or a bad touch. Sometimes, she ignores it..sometimes..she is too shocked to react.

I don’t know what happened to me  at that time. I felt myself moving to tears….That is when i locked my eyes with the guy who was sitting just in front of me in  the auto. I don’t how he realized it..did he saw my tears..did he saw me moving away ..did he saw me edging towards the exit dangerously. I just don’t know….!!! But , if he had not done that i may have jumped in thunder , out of a moving  auto .

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             A small gesture..that is all he did.. but it meant a lot to me..!! He exchanged my place with his. For the next 5 minutes, i kept staring at him and he to me. I didn’t realize i was staring so hard..till my friends told me college is here.

Today, when i look back i don’t remember his face…but just remember as a human being who made me believe in humanity . A man made me feel cheap and the other made me feel gratitude.  I only have one regret , i just couldn’t say a “Thank You “ to him.

Somewhere down the line, i know every other girl faces these situations every other day. That day , i made a promise to myself , i will never keep quiet if it happens again  to me and i never did. Every time this was going to happen i would raise my voice against the creep in public.

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If you want to change the mentality of people around you , first change should happen around you and in you .

Feel free to message me your experiences.. i wouldn’t share your real identities , but i will share your stories (only if you want that)  , to make people understand…. it was just not me or you …who had faced ……but many more .& are still facing this.!!!   

 We need  to stop  it !!                                                  

Thank you ,




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