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 There are many moments in our lives that we face in our day to day individual lives in which we stop Breathing. We find it difficult to breathe, hard to accept that it has happened to me. WHY ME....?? Is the first question that we ask ourselves. Because we have not been in that situation,… Continue reading JUST BREATHE

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Death can be celebrated – Passive Euthanasia/Mercy Killing

Yesterday morning(10th March 2018), at 8 am i heard the newspaper being thrown out on my balcony. When i unfolded the newspaper the first headline the caught my attention was of Passive Euthanasia. Before i share my thoughts on it, i would like to share what does the word mean. Euthanasia - Euthanasia is the… Continue reading Death can be celebrated – Passive Euthanasia/Mercy Killing


Depression – A Social Stigma

    After so many days ...i am again writing ....which only means i need to speak so much ...but can't ,so sharing it here.!!!!              For the past few days..something or the other made me loose my mind...breaking down at random moments..crying hiding from people around me...basically sulking on my own !!                     As… Continue reading Depression – A Social Stigma